Creating and Adapting Homes, to Help People Survive and Thrive

in an Uncertain Future of Economic, Social and Environmental Change

The aim of Eco Hamlets UK is to help create homes that make life more neighbourly, affordable, resilient and better, while maintaining privacy and independence, through co-operation and sharing.

An Eco-Hamlet could take many forms. On this web site you can read about:

  • The concept in greater detail
  • Some of the forms an Eco-Hamlet could take
  • How we plan to bring people and resources together to create Eco-Hamlets across the UK
  • How you can join us

We are currently working on setting up a social enterprise to continue the work started by Eco-Hamlets UK, which was originally formed as a voluntary group. Please bear with us while we do this, as it will be worth the wait. You can read a little about it on this site, or click here to read full details. We need people to join us to help make it happen, so if you are looking for an opportunity to create a job for yourself, or have plenty of time available to volunteer, and have useful skills and experience, please get in touch.

The concept of an Eco-Hamlet was devised to facilitate the development of small housing projects across the UK which are socially and environmentally sustainable. The concept combines elements of Permaculture (sustainable design), the Transition movement (reducing dependence on fossil fuels and strengthening community resilience) and Co-housing (sharing facilities with like-minded neighbours). The key features of Eco-Hamlets are:

  • Small developments involving only a few households
  • Designed to have the lowest practical impact on the environment, by being well insulated, using thoughtfully chosen materials, and re-using and recycling where possible
  • Designed to keep the cost of living as low as possible, without compromising comfort and an enjoyable life
  • Residents have their own private space and independence but share some resources with neighbours
  • Can be:
    • rural or urban, owned or rented, new build or conversion
    • conventional houses, low-impact development, tiny homes, temporary/mobile homes
  • Spirit of co-operation
  • For everyone, not just “green” minded people

The original vision was to create small “intentional neighbourhoods” of “conventional” houses that were practical and affordable, wherever we could find small niches in the UK housing market, as few big projects are successful. Over time, the idea has grown to incorporate “alternative” types of housing, and also to help people to make small changes by incorporating elements of an Eco-Hamlet into their existing homes.