Will You Join Us in a New Social Enterprise?

Eco-Hamlets UK was formed as a volunteer run community group in 2009, to bring people together and help them to create Eco-Hamlets across the UK. It excited a lot of interest, but progress has been slow due to a lack of resources. We are now setting up a Social Enterprise to take on the work, to expand on it, and to employ people to run it successfully. The Social Enterprise is intended to exist to do good, and not for the purpose of making money. However being financially viable, resilient and sustainable is a necessity, so making profits to invest in doing good, and strong financial management, is vital. Non financial yields, that make life better for ordinary people are, however the reason for its existence. It is hoped that being properly financed, with the potential to work on a much larger scale, will allow the organisation to bring real social benefits to a wide cross-section of people, rather than the limited scope of the original voluntary group.

You can read about the Proposal for the Social Enterprise here.

Do you have some of the skills we need?

Do you have time and energy available?

We need:
Working Directors for the Company, and Volunteers

Money for Start Up Costs and Working Capital

Urgent Needs

Organiser and Communicator: We need someone with excellent organisational and people skills to help recruit the other people we need, and to start organising events and other activities. This person will ideally become a director of the Community Interest Company, but one or more volunteers may be able to fill the role initially. (more…)

Fundraiser: We need someone with experience of raising money through grants, crowdfunding and other activities, to help raise finance to start up the company and begin operations. This may be a short term voluntary role, on one of the roles of a director. (more…)

Web Development: We need to review the existing web based computer systems, or find or develop alternatives. This may be a short term task, or a permanent role, depending on the decisions made about the systems. It may suit one person, or several people with different skills and experience. (more…)

Do you have the time, skills and energy to take on these roles? If so, please click the links to read more, then make contact.