Tiny Homes, Eco-Hamlets and The Social Enterprise

I started on my quest to live with like minded neighbours having spent my entire life living in various three bedroom houses. When I was part of the group who bought Trelay Farm in North Cornwall, I was expecting to have a whole house to myself, and was horrified to discover that I was possibly only going to get half a house. I’d already started to see the advantage of living in a smaller space, and had looked at a few possibilities, but that was going too far! Nevertheless, I did a design to see what I could squeeze in, that worked quite well, but I was still imagining adding an extension later. Then I discovered tiny homes! (more…)

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Why We Need a Social Enterprise

I’ve been working towards the idea of making Eco-Hamlets a reality for over ten years. From early days collecting names at events, to gradually developing a wide range of ideas of what qualifies as an Eco-Hamlet, and building up a good sized contacts database. The original idea was very much about creating the type of neighbourhood I want to live in, but as the concept evolved I saw so many opportunities to benefit all sorts of people in widely differing circumstances. (more…)

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Message To All Eco-Hamlets UK Supporters

I’ve just sent out the following message to everyone on our mailing list. Positive responses were coming in before it had finished sending to everyone! If you haven’t received it and would like to be part of making the aims of this group happen, please let me know. You can sign up to the mailing list  here. As you have probably seen in our recent Newsletters, I’m working on turning Eco-Hamlets UK into a social enterprise, as I’m sure this is the best way to achieve our aims. I’m writing to ask if you are able to get involved in starting or running the social enterprise. If you are unable to help, please be patient for a while, as it will take time to get properly established. (more…)

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Eco-Hamlets Spends a Seedy Day in Carmarthen!

Eco-Hamlets UK took a bus trip to Carmarthen yesterday, to put in an appearance at Seedy Saturday and Green Fair in St Peter’s Hall. After several days of preparing new display material, it was a relief to find that the display panels fitted comfortably under my arm when walking to and from the bus stop, and didn’t cause too much chaos on the bus! All the other bits and pieces fitted nicely into my rucksack. (more…)

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Do You Know a Planning Expert?

I’ve been compiling a list of all the things that need to be done to create an Eco-Hamlet. It’s a long list, and probably not finished yet. Every group that forms to create just one site has to work through most of these things, having spent time learning what they need to do, probably wasting time and having false starts getting there. Think how much easier it would be if all this knowledge were accumulated once, by an organisation who shares it with lots of projects. Each project would benefit from the knowledge and experience gained on previous projects, and would add extra information to benefit future projects. I’m sure many more Eco-Hamlets, eco villages, co-housing projects and individual sustainable building projects would be successful. (more…)

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Complex, But Inspiring, Tiny Home

I’m afraid I’ve got a bit of a thing about tiny homes, but I don’t want anyone to think that they are an essential part of an Eco-Hamlet, as we need homes of all sizes to suit all needs. This one however, is quite inspiring.

It’s rather complex and expensive to create, but with UK house prices being so high, it could be a way to get a lot into a small space that could make a decent home affordable for more people. It’s worth spending 20 minutes watching the video, as there are some clever ideas that could be adopted in a simpler home. You can read about it here. (more…)

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Tiny House Co-Housing

Jay Schafer, famous in the USA for being a leading light in the Tiny House movement, has started a new business, and is proposing a Tiny House Village in California. I’ve lived in a tiny home for almost a year, after 4½ years living in an even smaller motorhome, and think that living in a small space is great. I love the idea of a neighbourhood of tiny homes, and it would be great to create some in Britain. (more…)

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Charlie 1998-2012

Most people who have met me will have met Charlie, or seen and heard him excitedly trying to get attention from my van. I first met him at a year old, when a bundle of fur flew out of his run at an animal sanctuary, and leapt all over me. For some crazy reason I took him home, but there were times when I nearly took him back! Then we went to dog training classes, where he was the class clown of course, and he passed his Kennel Club Good Citizens Gold Test. For 13 years we were never apart for more than an occasional few days. (more…)

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Trelay: who, when, what, where, why

Guest post by Jackie Carpenter

Who and When: Back in 2006, a group of friends decided to set up a small eco-village in the south west of England. We wanted to live in harmony with nature and with each other. Eleven of us moved into Trelay Farm in April 2007. Since then, the community has been developing its numbers, structures, businesses and plans, and we intend to be here for many decades yet! (more…)

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