Small Steps

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Creating an Eco-Hamlet is a big step. It may involve moving to a new location, or making big and difficult to reverse changes to where you now live. A relatively small number of people are likely to be willing and able to take this step right now. This is currently a route for the pioneers, who lead the way and inspire others to follow, but every small step makes a difference. For anyone not yet ready to make the big leap, there’s a lot that can be done, that can be the start of moving towards a more resilient and sustainable life.

There are many aspects of an Eco-Hamlet that can be put into practice where you live now. This could include:

  • Start to consume less
  • Buy from local suppliers
  • Buy locally produced food and other products
  • Repair things rather than buying new
  • Monitor your energy use, and learn how to use less
  • Plan your travel to make less journeys, do more on each trip, share lifts with your neighbours
  • Walk or cycle sometimes, rather than use a car
  • Get to know your neighbours and give them a bit of help when they need it
  • Start to share facilities with your neighbours. An ideal time could be when a neighbour’s washing machine, or even their car, needs replacing
  • Share unused garden space with neighbours
  • Learn about permaculture
  • Join your local Transition Group, or start one
  • Bulk buy food and other regular purchases with neighbours
  • Insulate your house
  • Change to a renewable energy supplier
  • Start adapting you home to apply some imaginative new ideas from the Eco-Hamlets concept
  • and much more………

Every change that is made helps you and your neighbours to save money, and makes your neighbourhood more resilient, to cope better with the uncertain future we face. Each step can lead to further changes as you and your neighbours experience the benefits. One day you may find you’ve created a complete Eco-Hamlet with very little effort! Or maybe you will be ready to move to, or help create, a new Eco-Hamlet.

This approach can also be a great benefit to the bigger plan to create Eco-Hamlets:

  • The local handyman or handywoman you employ to help you make small changes, could one day develop into a business that can build complete Eco-Hamlets
  • The local businesses you deal with help to create a thriving local economy that keeps the money you spend in your area
  • The type of businesses you deal with may well be the kind that can be run from an Eco-Hamlet, or outside of it by Eco-Hamlet residents

Taking small steps, and applying small solutions, is an important part of changing the world for the better. There’s no better time to start than today!

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