No. 10 – 7th January 2014

Newsletter No. 10 – 7th January 2014

People Needed for the Social Enterprise

Progress Report

A different version of this diagram appearedĀ  in a previous Newsletter, showing that we’d reached the end of the squiggly bit, and suggesting it was plain sailing from now on. Well it turns out we’re not quite there yet!

The first version of the Proposal for the Social Enterprise attracted plenty of interest and favourable comments. A good number of people attended the meeting to get things started, but no one was able to put in the time and effort needed to make progress. I had also prepared myself to let go of much of the project, so other people could take some ownership of it, and that probably didn’t help either. So more work was needed to get it right.

I’ve now produced a new version of the Proposal, that can be read and commented on online. The full version is about 30 pages of A4, and can be downloaded too, but there is a shortened version that covers the main points. Go to to read the summary version, and click the link to the full version if you want to read that.

What We Need Next

I can’t take things much further without other people getting seriously involved, as it’s much too big a job for one person, and I don’t have all the skills that are needed. On the web site there is a section for people and things that we need. Please read it, and if you think you may be one of the people we need, get in touch ASAP. We have to get things moving fast, so we are ready to hold events and start doing other activities in the Spring. Visit to read the list.

The priority is to find someone with excellent people and organising skills to begin organising events, and also to help recruit the other people we need. The intention is that this person will create a job for themselves within the social enterprise, but we need to start earning money before we can pay anyone.

Why We Need The Social Enterprise

I tried for too long to get Eco-Hamlets UK to work as a voluntary community group. Someone else may have managed it, but I couldn’t. So the only way forward that I could see was to generate enough income to cover the running costs, including people to do much of the work. This does open up lots of new opportunities to do good things, and some of this is covered in the latest Proposal, although there are many ideas that weren’t included, as it was getting rather long! We are living in difficult times, and they are unlikely to get easier, but I firmly believe that we could provide some of the answers to the housing challenges many people face, as well as creating different ways to live for people who chose it. All we need is for people to become part of the Social Enterprise to make it happen.

The intention is still to create Eco-Hamlets (as I want to live in one!), but I think we can do much more. As a Social Enterprise, any profits we make will be used to do good, and we can create some decent and fairly paid jobs.

The Eco-Hamlets UK web site is still at, and has recently been updated. There is a temporary site for the Social Enterprise at, and you can read and comment on the full Proposal at You will need to register on the Proposal site to be able to comment.