No. 8 – 28th April 2013

Eco-Hamlets UK Newsletter No. 8 – 28th April 2013

Eco-Hamlets UK Social Enterprise

The personalised e-mail that I sent out recently was a success, with so many replies that it took me some time to work through them all! Some people said they couldn’t help and wished us good luck, but a good number have come forward to offer support. A number of people have offered to do small amounts of work, and this is great, as we have people to call on when we need extra help, and to do some small regular jobs.

We will be holding a meeting on the weekend of 11th and 12th May, where nearly all the people who have so far expressed an interest in taking a key role in the social enterprise, will get together to start the ball rolling. For anyone who can’t make it, or wants to come back for more, we will have further meetings on 25th and 26th May. They will be held near Newcastle Emlyn in West Wales, and so far most people attending are fairly local, although one person is coming from Cumbria! We need people from all over the UK, and most of our work will be done online or by phone, so distance is no object, as long as we can meet up occasionally. If further meetings are needed in other areas, we’ll try to arrange them.

These meetings are not for people who just want to live in an Eco-Hamlet, as we haven’t got that far yet. They are for anyone who is interested in becoming a director, being involved in the day to day running of the organisation long term, or helping for a short time until we are established.

We don’t have an agenda yet, but some of the things I think we need to discuss are:

  • Definition of an Eco-Hamlet – So we agree on what we’re aiming to create
  • The aims of the social enterprise
  • The most practical and effective way to achieve our aims
  • The best legal structure for the social enterprise
  • How we get from having no money, to being able to run the organisation, employ people and help finance projects
  • Who does what? – Do we have the right people?
  • Plus other things I can’t think of at the moment!

I have already thought about, and written up, much of this, and hope to have done more by the meeting. If you haven’t already read the draft proposal, or commented on it, please do so in the next week or so. All the feedback we get now can be taken into consideration when we’re setting up the social enterprise. It’s at I’ve spent years listening and observing to come up with these ideas, and it will be great to have other people directly involved in the thinking from now on.

If you are interesting in helping please do get in touch now, as this is when things could start to take off, and we can begin to achieve our aims.


We should be attending the Green Fair in Cardigan on Saturday 25th May. This is also one of our meeting days, so for anyone who is around, it will be a great chance to meet and talk with lots of people, and we can have a serious meeting on the Sunday. I’ve had a stand, or a small display as part of another stand, at quite a lot of events over the years, and talking to people at shows has made an important contribution to developing my ideas for Eco-Hamlets UK. I’ve done a couple of events in West Wales so far this year, and we now have a set of display panels that make it easy to set up. If I rush the set up, it takes about a minute, but I usually take it easy and do it in two or three minutes!